We offer communal, individual, as well as private cremation services. Whether you choose individual or private cremation, you will receive only your pet’s cremains. We can help you with pre-need arrangements by working directly with you or your veterinarian to provide all of the services so that when the time comes you are not worrying about what to do.

We cremate on a daily basis and cremate in order of arrival. Our cremation turnaround is generally five business days. If you would like your pet’s cremains back sooner, we offer priority cremation services for an additional fee.

To avoid any confusion, we explain the differences between communal, individual, and private cremation services below.
 You can receive your pet’s cremains in person at Lakes Pet Crematory, pick them up at your veterinary hospital, or have them delivered via Federal Express or UPS (signature required) to your residence.

Private Cremation

In a private cremation there is only one pet in the chamber. All paperwork is checked very carefully. The pet is then gently and respectfully placed in the cremator. After the cremation process, the Cremains are processed and put into a complimentary, temporary container. A certificate is provided along with a sympathy card.

Individual Cremation

​T​​he individual cremation process is when pets are gently and respectfully placed in their own container. When the cremation is complete the container is removed from the cremator with great care. The cremains are taken out of container and placed in a complimentary, temporary container. A certificate is provided along with a sympathy card.

​Group Cremation

​​Pets are cremated with other pets at the same time. This service is for pet owners who do not want the cremated remains returned, but still want final care and dignity for their loved one.

For services concerning loved ones please, visit the Lakes Crematory.

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