Why choose us?

We understand how difficult it can be to lose the animal companion you have loved so much. We will provide you peace of mind, knowing that your pet is being treated as if it were our own. 

While our experience has led us to develop processes that keep our operations running efficiently, we never lose sight of our priority: Providing respectful and timely services for the pets entrusted to our care. We value the relationships we form with our pet parents and veterinary business partners.

Who can use The Lakes Pet Crematory?

We work directly with pet parents who choose us. We also serve the funeral industry, veterinary professionals and pet rescue organizations in Chicagoland and southeastern Wisconsin. 

Please feel free to contact us to find out more at 847-265-7210

What types of cremation are offered at The Lakes Pet Crematory?

Private cremation  Your pet’s cremated remains can be returned to you if you choose a private cremation. Only your pet is placed in the cremation chamber (known as a retort). After cremation is complete, the cremated remains are placed in an temporary cardboard canister, separated from any others. Because of our internal processes, you are assured that you are receiving the cremated remains of only your cherished pet. We offer several upgraded urn packages should you want to choose something more permanent or decorative.

Communal cremation If you choose not to have your pet’s cremated remains returned to you, we also offer a communal cremation. More than one pet is placed in the retort, so the remains that are removed after cremation is complete are co-mingled. We will scatter co-mingled remains on our own private property on your behalf.

Our basic package pricing is the same whether you choose private or communal cremation.

What should I to do if my pet dies at home?

Sometimes, our pets are not at the veterinarian’s office when they pass away. In this case, we must handle their remains ourselves, which might be difficult to do when grieving the loss of our companion. 

Here are some steps to take to ensure that your animal companion is cared for properly. Some of these steps might be difficult to consider at the moment of your pet’s passing, but they must be done as soon as possible for health safety reasons, preferably within an hour of your pet’s passing. Sadly, immediately after death occurs, decomposition begins. You need to take precautions to ensure the health of you and your family when your pet dies at home.

Wear gloves. 

You are going to need to move your pet for transport for aftercare. You need to understand that when the remains are moved, air is expelled. Unfortunately, that does not mean your pet is still breathing. It is simply air being expelled because of the movement of the body.  

If you choose, you may place your pet on a towel or small blanket, in a natural sleeping position if you prefer. Place the towel or small blanket in a heavy duty plastic bag and seal the bag. Use two bags if they are thin. It is important that the bag not leak.

Thoroughly clean the area where your pet companion was when they passed. When death occurs, muscles completely relax and it is not uncommon for bodily fluids and fecal matter to be released. 

It is important to keep the remains cool or cold, as temperature effects the rate of decomposition.

Place the sealed bag in a cool, protected area before transport. To ensure that your vehicle doesn’t become soiled, you may wish to place your pet in a box, a plastic bin, or a laundry basket for easy transport. Call us at 847-265-7210 to make arrangements to bring your pet to us.

What should I expect when I call The Lakes Pet Crematory?

When you have experienced the loss of your animal companion, you are suddenly faced with the reality of what to do with your animal’s remains. If your pet died at home, you may bring your pet in to our facility. After we have asked a few questions and you have indicated your preferences, we will take care of your companion with the same care we would if it was our own pet. If you have elected the private cremation option, we will call you when your pet’s cremated remains are ready to be picked up, usually within a week.

When you come to pick up your pet’s remains, they will be in a sealed plastic bag and in the container of your choice. A certificate of cremation is included for your records.

What kinds of animals can be cremated at The Lakes Pet Crematory?

We can accommodate any animal up to 200 pounds. While we have primarily served families who have lost their dogs and cats, we have also helped families with their pot-bellied pigs, pet goats, blowfish, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, exotic birds, ferrets, and reptiles. We have even been asked to cremate a sugar glider! 

Do you offer any memorialization options?

Yes! We have a wide selection of urns, keepsake jewelry and custom pet portraits. Although not necessary at the time of cremation, we maintain our merchandise selection for the families who wish to purchase a remembrance of their beloved pet.

Is it ok to grieve my pet? 

Grieving is a necessary part of healing after the loss of a loved one. Everyone grieves a loss differently, and there is no standard way to cope with loss, nor set time allowed to do it. Your grief is as unique as you are. Oftentimes, our pets are integral parts of our lives, and we grieve them as we would any other family member. The loss of a constant companion can leave a void we weren’t prepared for. If you need help coping with your loss, you might look for help at:




How long until my pet’s cremated remains are returned to me?

We cremate on a daily basis. Our turnaround time is generally five business days. When your pet’s ashes are ready to be picked up, we will call to let you know. You may pick up your pet’s cremains in person at The Lakes Pet Crematory. If you prefer to have your pet’s cremated remains mailed to your residence via the USPS (signature required), we can do so for an additional charge starting at $100.

What are my payment options?

We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard or Discover, cash or a Cashier’s check. Payment is required at the time services are rendered.

For services concerning loved ones please, visit the Lakes Crematory.

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